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Welcome to our Account Management Service

We are delighted to offer outbound sales, lead generation and account management services as part of our suite of marketing solutions.

As you may know, Adder will happily help with branding, printed media, web design, social media, email marketing campaigns, PR and now we can directly call your customers and prospects on your behalf.

Based in our Inverness City Centre office, your dedicated ‘Salesperson’ can represent your products and services over the phone from your own business’ telephone number.

How does it work?

Well, we need a list of clients to contact and an objective from you. Your objective may be:

  • Loss Analysis (Finding out why your prospect didn’t buy)
  • Sales or Upselling
  • Account Management – just checking in on your valued clients on your behalf
  • Follow up on your own marketing and promotions
  • Appointment setting for you or your team

We will provide you with an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to give you the peace of mind of full confidentiality.

How do we let you know how it’s going?

You are welcome to add us as a user to your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and we can update each client account with the status of the call and of course put any ‘next steps’ straight in the diary!

If you don’t have a CRM set up, we can simply update a spreadsheet to feedback on activity.

What does it cost?

Like with a lot of our services, we want to offer you a minimum commitment option. So, you can book us in for as little time as one sales day! Just to see how it goes.

This option would cost from £450 + VAT for an 8 hour day (any week day from 9am – 5pm) You are welcome to choose 2 half days if that suits you in order to fully maximize the potential of us reaching your target customers.

We offer significant block booking discounts though and would be happy to discuss that if you’d like to contact the team on 01463 263603

Who is it for?

Well any business who relies on sales! Often making the phone calls is time consuming, onerous and a lot of businesses just don’t like doing it.

Even if you have a dedicated sales force in your business, we can help with appointment setting or the customer service follow ups.

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