What better way to get your branding seen than by having some functional giveaways created? We have produced branded candles, keyrings, pens, pencils, diaries and lots more for our clients to use as promotional material. Whether you’re attending an event or just want to have a stock of ‘freebies’ as a thank you for your customers, get in touch and we can pop some ideas together for you. Pictured here are some useful ‘trolley keyrings’ we produced for our friends at CARZAR and Dicksons of Inverness. 


Photography plays an enormous part in making our clients look great! We work very closely with our photography partners to ensure projects meet budget and timeframe to deliver the results required. 


Often our clients websites will benefit from video content to further their message. We provide on site videography and drone footage to lots of businesses. Check out our ‘above the fold’ header video here!

Vehicle Livery

Never underestimate the power of branded vehicles! Once you have paid for the design and application, your vehicle becomes a free advert placed all over your local area! We help clients to get the most out of this opportunity by working with our signage partners on great designs.


Whether you need branded wayfinding signage for inside of a workplace or B&B or you need advertising signage outside your premises, we can help with the right designs and installations. We help our clients keep on top of planning constraints and other considerations while getting their branding right out there! 


In any business a uniform can look great. We’ve done some lovely aprons for clients to use as gifts and we’ve provided uniforms for countless clients across retail, hospitality and trade. We don’t embroider in house and work with locally based partners but if you’d like a hand, give us a shout and we’ll get you kitted out!

Call Handling

We have a sister company called CATCH Highland Call Handling and it services lots of clients by answering their inbound calls. CATCH can book tables in restaurants, rooms in hotels, appointments for solicitors, call outs for engineers and much more. Adder can make your phone ring and CATCH can speak to your customers!

Email Signatures

An email signature with all of your business style and content can be amazing for brand awareness. It’s such a nice tool to finish off your business correspondence. Just in the same way as a traditional letterhead is. We can add all sorts of content to these html signatures and you can change the text and images at any time.