Is AI Really Going to Take Over?

Is AI Really Going to Take Over?

Unless you have been living under a rock you can’t have failed to be aware of claims that Artificial Intelligence is taking over our lives.

AI is making extraordinary progress at an unprecedented rate, reaching and surpassing human capabilities in many tasks previously considered unattainable by machines, such as language translation, music composition, object detection, medical diagnoses, software programming, and many others.

There is really no end to what it can do.

There have been predictions that in five years’ time many businesses not reliant on physical human interaction will have become redundant. Now, for companies such as ours this should be alarming, but we are not ready to throw in the towel just yet!

Truth is there is a lot of hot air when it comes to AI. An incredible amount. It is probably the most talked about subject in marketing specifically and online business in general in the past year. Some marketing companies are falling over themselves in a bid to accommodate AI and actually offer it as a service to clients. The growth industry online now is people teaching other people how to properly use AI, presumably in the belief that robots will be teaching us soon and eventually robots will teach one another.

At the moment many companies’ slavish devotion to it is akin to the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes – they are terrified to accept it is no less than a totally new dawn in industry and life.

It certainly can be seductive – input a few words and a powerful asset can be created in seconds – and encourage laziness at the same time, but there has to be more to its effectiveness than that. The truth is as long as businesses are doing business with each other there has to be significant human involvement and we are very much ‘a people oriented’ business with human impact (and frailties admittedly!).

So, at the dawn of 2024 we are not pinning all our hopes to the AI tree just yet, although it certainly does give us all options and food for thought.

In fact, it could easily have created this article. Perhaps it has…