Ness Homes

We first met up with Keith and Brian in 2017 and were instantly impressed by the concept of this business. What can sometimes happen in the world of self builds is costs can run away on a project. Sometimes this is just because the architect, surveyor and builder are all singing from different hymn sheets. 

The unique concept of Ness Homes was to have all the key parties involved in the build working as a team from the very beginning. So when a customer is ready to embark on the self build journey, they can be sure that everyone involved in the project is speaking the same language. 

We set about putting together a brand for Ness Homes, followed by a beautiful bespoke website and a range of professional business stationery and business cards. 

We continue to support Ness Homes with occasional jobs and they’ll always have a special place as one of our first customers in this category. 

All the Extras…

Once the new branding and the website were up and running, we developed a number of items of stationery, email signatures and produced some vehicle livery ideas for future use. Branded email signatures are a great way of creating brand awareness. Whenever the guys require changes to their email signatures, they can ask the team or they can log in to our portal and take care of it themselves. Have a look at our addons section to find out more. 

We continue to work closely with the Adder Business team, from a website support point of view, building on top of what we’ve already done to continue looking for opportunities for improvement.