Scottish Premium Seafood

 Creating the brand for Scottish Premium Seafood was so much fun! Sean and Louis were really great to work with and they were so open minded. They had a vision to bring high quality, sustainable local seafood to Inverness and to offer real convenience to shoppers at the same time.

They’re now based up at Fairways Retail Park (go and have a look  if you’ve not already been) and they offer a wide range of cooked and uncooked produce.

Here you can see a couple of versions of the branding which means the guys can use it in different applications. We also as standard create a brand guideline file to ensure our customers have knowledge of which fonts best match their style.

The colour codes we provide mean they will be able to order uniforms, paint, carrier bags and other merchandise without worrying about anything clashing.

In this particular example, a beautiful blue resin floor has been installed in the shop and the branding is installed on the back wall too.

We love helping our clients to nail their corporate style and then get it our there for all to see!

Strategic Planning

We work with clients to establish how best to spend their budget. We don’t always recommend they spend it with Adder – just whatever is the best way to achieve their end goal.

Implementing the Plan

We’re on hand to bring everything to life from day one. We worked with the team at SPS on their premises acquisition, vehicle livery, uniforms, photography, Sky AdSmart campaign and much more.

Staying in Touch

After the brand was launched and the shop was open, we continued to support with our social media management service until such times as the SPS team were ready to look after their social media from within the business. 

Quick Queries

A lot of the time for shops with a physical outlet, website users are just looking to satisfy a quick search – such as ‘When do you close tonight?’ or ‘Is there Parking Outside?’. These types of questions are more often than not asked via mobile devices. This means it’s really important that that sort of information is readily available and clear and accurate. Sometimes a user will be looking to give the shop a quick buzz to ask if there are any live lobsters left – so we need to ensure the number is handy and that it works correctly on each mobile device. 

Email Signatures

Once you love your own business’ brand, you’re going to want to see it everywhere! We think branded html email signatures are a great way to reinforce brand awareness. We develop signatures like this one for many different clients and we charge a small monthly fee by licence. 

You can have links to your social accounts, special offers and loads more involved in your signature. 


Bespoke Web Design

We enjoyed building this website for Sean and the team. They were really happy to listen to our ideas and absolutely wanted to go with the flow. 

Because we started the website before there was a shop location finalised, the project was very fluid. We firstly built it on just a couple of pages to have something online and then developed it during the first year of the business. 

The intention is to develop it further by adding eCommerce functionality whihc we’ll be delighted to undertake when the time is right. 


“I found Abbie and the girls at Adder extremely easy to do businesses with, very professional service catering for all my requirements, nothing ever an issue.  They listened to our ideas and ran with them only enhanced with their own intelligent experienced ideas, not interfered.  I have a second business which Adder are also involved with which speaks volumes.”