The Garden Den

We love working with David at the Garden Den! Since we first had a call on Zoom to find out more about the business, we’ve worked really seamlessly with this client. This has been one of these great stories of a talented, hardworking tradesperson seizing an opportunity to grow a fantastic business. The new age of ‘WFH’ has seen a huge increase in demand for garden offices and this has been a great springboard for The Garden Den. 

We started off by developing a small website from our Business in a Box package which was absolutely the right product at the time. As the business grew, David secured a contract to supply ground screws in the Highlands with a UK based manufacturer of a patented product. This meant he needed the website to change in order to feature No More Digging.

Then with time, The Garden Den’s portfolio grew and there was a requirement for a Gallery page. 

Each time the business evolved in its first couple of years, we were on hand to adapt the website appropriately. You can now find The Garden Den’s products to see for yourself up at Howden’s Garden Centre in Inverness. So great to see our clients expand like this!


“Our experience with Adder has been fantastic. Their efficiency and expertise in setting up The Garden Den’s website exceeded our expectations.  From concept to execution, they seamlessly captured the essence of our business, ensuring a user-friendly interface and stunning visuals. Their dedication to detail and prompt responses made the entire process straight forward. We’re thrilled with the final result and highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top-notch web design.”