The Pram Boutique

The Pram Boutique is a beautiful shop based in Buckie. Joanne had popped in when she was in Aberdeenshire on her travels and met Sally, the owner. Sally mentioned that there was already a web design job in progress and so Jo just promised to keep in touch in case there was anything else she needed. As it turned out, the job wasn’t really progressing to satisfaction and so Sally decided to start over using Adder Business. 

We started off with a full rebrand which Sally loved. We then set about building a great eCommerce website to showcase and sell all Sally’s wares! 

Lauren integrated a shipping solution called SendCloud which prints off shipping labels once a purchase is completed online. This makes life easier in the busy wee shop and ensures that the customers receive their goods really swiftly. 

We love eCommerce websites and had great fun delivering the training in Buckie where we showed Sally how to upload her products and manage her inventories. 

Mobile Gift Shop!

Sally’s boutique has so much on offer across a huge range of necessities for young families. Apart from the prams, furniture, bedding, car seats and other safety essentials, The Pram Boutique offers a wide range of gifts. This website makes it easy to scroll through, select, purchase and deliver the perfect thoughtful gift in such an easy way. 

Because of the payment gateway we’ve selected, users can conclude their purchase using GPay, ApplePay or even spread the costs with Klarna – this hugely reduces cart abandonment and makes life easier all round! 



Branding is so important in any business. The right brand can convey reliability, trustworthiness, quality or luxury. In the case of the Pram Boutique, it was really important to get across just how high quality the range is. Sally didn’t want to move away too far from the logo she’d been using since the inception of the business so we got our heads together and thought about how we could incorporate some of the swirly detail in the pram image but at the same time simplify the image too. 

Sally and her team were all really pleased with the results. 


“We took our current logo off Google images many moons ago and felt we wanted to upgrade & enhance our brand but at the same time remain true to us. By chance one day in came Joanne from Adder Business Ltd. Joanne introduced herself, the business and left her card with no hard sell. This was one of the things I liked about her. When the time was right I dug the card out of the drawer made a call and we have not looked back. After our initial consult this was Joanne’s vision. A wee tweak and we felt it was perfect, She understood us perfectly and the new logo represents The Pram Boutique moving forward in its new chapter.”