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What’s the story?

Every business has many stories. You just have to capitalise on them with positive publicity in the media and that’s where we come in. We will find your best stories and give them wings.The overall idea is that we create a fantastic PR buzz for you to hopefully have a dramatic impact on sales.

Press releases/media relations

Do you want your business to be the go-to organisation in your sector, locally or nationally?

We can provide access to newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, TV, radio and relevant internet websites and online publications.

We have unrivalled contacts in all of the UK’s national newspapers, news agencies, news desks, featuresand business desks and with individual reporters all over the country.

Product launches and PR Photography

We can help you scatter stardust on your product, and aligned with wonderful pictures you can really make your mark.


We can also write regular blogs for you which you can use on your own website or as part of newsletters, which we can compile and distribute.

Social Media PR

Businesses can no longer choose to ignore social media. It’s vital for a company’s reputation that their social media pages are professional, polished and bang up to date. Some platforms are more effective for business, and we can advise which path to go down and implement the best strategy for you.

Crisis PR

In the rare event of negative publicity where you are implicated in a negative news story, we will deal with all press calls as part and parcel of the job at no extra cost. We are adept at killing bad news stories for our clients, or if this is not possible, for turning news stories around at the 11th hour to promote a more positive spin on things.
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