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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) used to be looked on as something akin to the dark arts that only specialist ‘techies’were privy to as they managed to somehow get your website to the top of Google rankings – for a hefty fee!

Thankfully it is not just the geeky 1% who are capable of doing it now, thanks to a greater understanding of the Google Algorithm and how it works. Still confused? Don’t worry, leave it to us. Suffice to say that we know how to write outstanding SEO copy to get your website shooting up the rankings – without using expensive ads – leading to more customer eyeballs on your products or services.

We’ll find the right keywords for you, relevant to your niche, but with low competition that will drive organic traffic to your site.
We’ll check competitor articles for keywords that are working for them and use this for your benefit.

We’ll drill down and identify search intent and the questions that people are asking about your service or product and come up with answers.

We’ll create linkable assets to help earn backlinks – an essential for SEO.
And we’ll optimise headers, title tags and meta descriptions at the back end of your website and associated social media links, so that the right traffic is driven to you.

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