Write Compelling Content

Write Compelling Content

Most of us have become accustomed to hearing or reading about blogging for business and many companies today have such a facility on their website, often with a vague idea it may give an insight into its ‘friendlier’ corporate activities.

But is there any point in having a blog or sending out marketing emails if you are not using them correctly to attract more visitors? If not, how do you ensure that your message is getting read by the people you want to read it.

Arguably this is the sacred chalice of marketing, but in order to sip from it you must follow one strict maxim: Write Compelling Content.

If you don’t write about something that interests the people you want to interest, then you are completely wasting your time.

Before you start to write your blog, or email, however, you have to know who you are writing for. And once you have established that, you have to write for them (the customers) not yourself.

Benefits over Features

The most important thing is to highlight the benefits of what you’re offering to them.

People generally don’t want to know the mechanics of getting the object of their desire – they just want to get it – so cut to the chase and spell it out.

Tell the story

Do not bury the story in the text. A dropped intro (where you finally get to the point half-way through the story) is not advised. Tell the story with clarity and urgency from the outset as you would to a friend in the pub. People have a short span of attention, so you have to grab them from the word go.

Incorporate SEO, but don’t forget essential English

You have to optimise the content for search engines, but don’t overdo it and forget you are writing for humans. There is nothing more off-putting than to encounter needless text repetition on a website, in an obvious attempt to try to fox the search engines into directing traffic your way.

Make your product or service desirable

By highlighting the benefits of your product or service you should make it as desirable as possible without overusing superfluous, and hackneyed, adjectives. The results of using your product or service ideally should be made patently clear to let the reader know they must have it at all costs.

Don’t let reader expectations exceed what you can deliver

Don’t overpromise – you will be found out. Sell yourself to your optimum level, but don’t pledge results that you can’t deliver.

Be natural and friendly

Write as you speak. People are more likely to engage with companies whose website or emails have friendly overtones.

And we are very friendly at Adder Business!

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